Tips on how to Execute a new Business Name Search

The very first step to conducting a name search is to produce the ideal name. To conduct a proper name search you want three or more names to select from, if your first choice isn’t available. Once you have a few strong business names, it’s time to get started. Google has an extensive bank of reliable information regarding established and new businesses. Just type the proposed business name in the search bar, and inspect the results. Be certain to check little variations of potential ways that the name could be spelled out. I prefer Google, however Bing, Yahoo, or some other of the top five search engines will work as well. If everything is clear and the name is not being used, you are free to proceed to another stage. If not, continue this process until you find a keeper.

Now let us take that keeper and include a .com following it. The crucial thing is to own all rights to the name you’ve created. Eighty percent of this time I find the company I’m searching for. As soon as your company begins to gain recognition, you’ll want potential customers to find you the exact same way. So recall”to own the name is to own the domain name”. If the domain is available, odds are the name is available also, but do not stop there.

The following phase is to search your local phone book and online directories. New firms are being made every day, many of which is sole proprietorship. Phone books and online directories allow sole proprietors to record their particular company names without any formal instruction. So don’t be discouraged if you see the name that you desire to use only know about that company’s existence. There is a risk that the company may be out of business or not formally established a legal existence.

Next, you will want to search the online database of your Secretary of State’s website. So as to perform a comprehensive search, an account may be deemed necessary business name search Oklahoma. Don’t worry, establishing an account remains free for the time being. After searching the whole company name, one tip I’ve learned while searching for projected business names is to search one word at a time. For example, assume you are performing a name search on the name”Great Popcorn Carnival” after searching for”Great Popcorn Carnival”, you would then search for only the phrase Great and view all of the business names with Great listed inside them to find a similarity, subsequently Popcorn, and so on. Continue this process until you’ve searched every name individually. This process can be time-consuming, but the effort is well worth it. After completing this phase you may want to reserve your business name, to shield it on a state level from 30 to 90 days.

The previous step to take when conducting a name search is to search the database of the United States Patent & Trademark Office (USPTO). Names around the USPTO are secure on a federal level. If you plan to conduct business just within your current state and don’t plan to enlarge, you can stop your search at the Secretary of State’s office. This program is quite technical and there are no guides about how to efficiently use the machine, but there are lawyers and many others that have mastered the process. If your budget does not allow for expert help, do it all yourself. It could be difficult but it’s doable.

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