Pre-Existing Health concerns – Precisely why Insurance agencies Question These people.

If you ask for an insurance quote, you’re invariably asked whether or not you have any pre-existing medical conditions. The main reason that insurance companies ask this question is because, without knowing what type of health you’re in, they can’t possibly estimate just how much coverage you’ll need. For insurance companies to survive, they have to make sure to set aside adequate funding to fund the medical care that every individual needs as accurately as possible. This is exactly why it’s so important for you to be as accurate as you can when informing a potential medical insurance provider of any medical problems that you’ve already been diagnosed with before investing in a plan.

While it could be tempting to believe that the insurance companies only want to know about your pre-existing medical conditions to be able to have a reason to overcharge you for coverage, the stark reality is that knowing your actual medical condition is essential to their to be able to estimate just how much it’s likely to cost them to provide you with medical coverage. When they provide you with an excessive amount of coverage, then you’ll lose money by paying an excessive amount of for more insurance than you need promethazine codeine syrup. But if they don’t really provide you with enough coverage, then they’ll lose money paying from more medical care than they anticipated. When they do this for enough patients, they could potentially be bankrupted.

When providing details about pre-existing medical conditions to a potential insurance provider, it’s vital that you be as accurate as you can when answering their questions. Let them discover how much medication or how many doctor’s visits your condition currently requires every year. Let them discover how sometime ago you were diagnosed. Let them know what the doctor had to express about your condition in your last visit. The more accurate the information you provide, the more accurate your estimate will be.

And, especially, never attempt to conceal pre-existing medical conditions from a potential insurance provider in a misguided attempt to save money on medical insurance. If it’s found that you deliberately misrepresented the state of your quality of life to the insurance company, then you could be found guilty of insurance fraud, which could lead to hefty fines and possibly even jail time. It’s not worth the risk just to save a couple of dollars, and insurance companies are extremely vigilant about researching possible fraud. Once you’re ready to honestly share all of the details about your medical history and current condition, find a trustworthy insurance company and ask for a quote.

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