Best Things to do in Palma

Mallorca has beautiful white sand and crystal water beaches, so the majority are base for package tourists nowadays. In more remote areas you may find very rarely visited beaches.Many spots are reachable by bus; while transportation between the major holiday resorts is no problem, especially medium- and long-distance services might be as sparse as you bus weekly; many bus routes aren’t served at all on Sundays, in the reduced season and during the night.Cars may also be hired in lots of tourist towns, especially along the coast. Although, discovering Europe on a bicycle enables you to experience these places with your senses: the smell of smoldering olive wood in Puglia or the must of grapes during harvest in Bordeaux, the sea breeze on the skin as you ride right on the Mediterranean coast in Mallorca, the overwhelming beauty of the landscape as you descend through fiery-red autumnal vineyards to the Douro River in Portugal.

It is hard to beat La Residencia, a Belmond Hotel, a glamorous hideaway with a primary address in chic, artsy Deià, an abundance of olive and citrus groves, and a great perch tucked cozily between mountains and sea. In a nod to the town’s creative classes, La Residencia also offers a comprehensive collection of art—a lot more than 750 works—on display through the 72-room property. In terms of on-site recreation, there is plenty: an award-winning spa, tennis courts, painting and sculpture classes, and Vespa tours.Located about 30 minutes south of Mallorca’s capital Palma, Cap Rocat is probably one of the very most unique properties on the island—it’s housed in a former fortress, integrated the 19th century for military defense (though it had been never used). Today, the luxurious 88-acre resort, flawlessly restored for the 21st century by the architect Antonio Obrador, is made into the craggy coastline of the Bay of Palma and also happens to stay the center of a bird sanctuary.

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