Do I need to franchise my window cleaning business?

Let’s suppose you own a window washing company that is very successful. You have built up many accounts in various cities and counties over the years. You’ve decided to franchise the business because you believe it would be a great home-based business to start and grow. And since you are an expert in this field, you can also teach others how to do it.

Low-cost franchises such as a start a window washing business franchise, are often successful in tough recessions. This is because people have been laid off, need to start a business, but can’t get financing or have very little money. Should you franchise your window cleaning business?

Window washing and cleaning is a very interesting business model. I should clean my windows, as I’m missing my beautiful view. It would be a good idea to call a company to clean them. Clean windows are something everyone wants. It’s not easy to do it yourself. However, small companies can help you.

We did well as a cleaning franchisee, but never got into window-washing franchising. Today, there is a lot of regulation and lawyers suing franchisors. Ayn Rand was right. DiLorenzo and Smoot were also correct. Friedman was also right.

It’s getting worse in America. We must stop making it difficult for Americans to start businesses in America if we want to fix the economy. Today, I am retired. I offer “no jobs” to watch and laugh. Who’s laughing now? It’s quite interesting, isn’t it? Although I do win some, it is nice to be able to retire early and have my own, but in the end, everyone loses. Socialists forget that you don’t have to win if it isn’t possible.

If you are wondering if your window-cleaning business should be franchised, it is worth looking at all the potential ramifications and risk.

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